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First established in 1839, the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) is an employer organisation registered under the Fair Work Commission. The AHA ACT Branch is a proud member of the AHA National network.

Established in 1994, the AHA ACT Branch is the leading, united industry association representing and advocating for the licensed hospitality and tourism sector in the ACT. The AHA ACT is governed by an elected committee of management, known as the AHA ACT Board.​

AHA ACT members can nominate to be elected to the Board. Elections are held in accordance with the Constitution of the AHA ACT, and conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). A copy of the most recent post-election report is available from AHA National, AHA ACT or the AEC on request. The Constitution of the AHA ACT is available here.

Board Members & Staff


Micheal Capezio


Todd Handy


General Manager

Please email gm@actaha.org.au